D. Hill

 Forensic Service Technician and Safety Care Instructor at WCGRH


Q. Describe the role you play at DBHDD.

A. I work directly with the individuals monitoring and providing their daily activities, making sure they are safe and the environment is safe.


Q. How would you describe DBHDD to someone who is inquiring about our services?

A. The Department of Behavioral Health Developmental Disabilities is committed to providing safe, person-centered, and dignified therapeutic interventions that will guide and encourage individuals during their recovery.


Q. How does what you do support the overall mission of DBHDD?

A. Providing a safe environment and therapeutic interventions will help individuals meet the goals in their treatment plan and prepare them for discharge from the hospital.


Q. What motivates you to work at DBHDD?

A. I am motivated by being able to care for people.


Q. What role does continuous learning play in your success as a professional?

A. As a Forensic Services Technician, I need to be aware of policies and procedures that are often revised or added.  As a Safety Care instructor, I must remain current with my certification in order to be effective in my role.


Q. How do you prefer to learn?  Do you prefer to read a book, listen to it being read or watch someone talking about the book?  Explain your answer.

A. I prefer to learn in a classroom setting or online.


Q. Who is your greatest role model?

A. My mother is my greatest role model.


Q. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work?

A. I enjoy promoting a healthier lifestyle through fitness and nutrition, hiking, and reading.


Q. Name one surprising fact about you.

A. I received a softball scholarship and attended college for three years.