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Below is the recorded Webinar and PowerPoint presentation on Promoting Care of I/DD Individuals through Implementation of DBHDD Oversight and Risk Mitigation.


An e-learning course is available  to support the  Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Disaster Recovery Requirements for Community Providers, Policy 04-102 .


Provider staff members overseeing disaster planning are required to complete this training.


The course will provide information on the key points of the policy and contains resources that providers can use for their disaster plans.


The training is Mandatory for Community Behavioral Health Providers (Tiers 1, 2, 2+, and Specialty) and Developmental Disability providers.  Each provider should designated a staff member who oversees disaster planning to complete this training and ensure that any new staff member occupying that role completes this training.


If you oversee disaster planning for your organization, go to the DBHDD Relias site to locate and enroll in the appropriate version of the course.  Click the link below to locate

the course



Relias Learning

DBHDD  Providers

Provider Portal


Welcome to DBHDD University Provider portal. Here you can access the latest DBHDD news and sign up for learning events and informational sessions.


You can view available offerings and register for an upcoming event.


You also have access to several libraries: Mental Health, Paraprofessionals, Developmental Disabilities and Recovery Oriented Training Resources.


You can access the Relias Learning Management System (LMS) to register for assigned courses.


If you have questions about the Relias Learning Management System please contact:



Vendor Connect Training Resources

This section provides learning resources for the Vendor Connect System for Providers.

Click here to view the resources.



Provider Training Guide

Registration Guide

Vendor Connect Training Video




Training webinar, job aids and tutorials for Community Providers

using the Image application.




DBHDD’s Online Case Management System for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD)

Office of Quality Improvement

The Office of Quality Improvement conducted a series of Provider Productivity Model Training and Orientation webinars. Please find below the provider productivity training video and slide deck presentation material for your reference.

Provider Productivity

Model Training Video

Provider Productivity

Model Training Slide Deck

Download Provider

Productivity Model Tool

RSA Summary Report

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